BirdFUNfestival! Sept 14-16, Kick-off in Downtown Santa Cruz

Our Progams

Bilingual Birdwalks in Ecuador


Join us for Bilingual Family Birdwalks  throughout Ecuador

Intro to Bird Language


What are they saying? Our last Class + Brunch sold out (and it was  fun!)

En Español


Programas para familias y comunidades en California y Ecuador

En Español

Primer Festival de Artes de las Aves


Sigue mirando para más invitaciones al festival de arte familiar en el museo en Septiembre 2019

Conexción con las Aves por las Escuelas


Enseñamos a estudiantes de la primaria y secundaria como hacerles sabios de las aves

Enseñanza en las Amazonas de Ecuador


"Gracias Jeff. Tus talleres han motivados muchos a observar, presentar y tener más conexción con nuestro parque nacional."

          - Gabriel Maldonado, Tecnico, Coordinador de campo de la Parque Nacional Yasuní

Guía de Aves en Español


Descargue a su teléfono esta guía bilingüe de las aves del Río San Lorenzo en Santa Cruz 

Andar con las Aves


Paseo familiar bilingüe por el Río San Lorenzo el Sabado el 15 de Julio. 10-12. 

Más Caminatas Bilingües


Caminar con nuestros compañeros Latino Outdoors en la Bahia de San Francisco

Connecting Communities

Relation to the River


Enjoy family walks on Saturdays, in Spring and Summer: discover local and migratory birds. 



Join us at the Santa Cruz MAH, Museum of Art and History for the BirdFUNfest.
September 14-16

Local Bilingual Bird Guide


Download this one page guide to river residents. Learn about birds in Spanish or English or both!

Bird Language Campout


Join John Young author of What the Robin Knows, for an intensive week of bird fun and connection. Workstudy and $100 early discounts available

Teaching Birding in Schools


Working with students in schools and After-School to bring up more Young Birders

Inspiration in the Amazon Jungle


"Your nature workshops have motivated so many to observe and have more connection with our National Park." 

-Gabriel Maldonado, Coordinator of Amazonia National Park Yasuní, Ecuador

Bird Language Book for Class and Personal Study

Learn the Basics of Bird Laguage

This book is an excellent companion to our classes or for home study.  You will learn:

  • The 5 different voices of the birds
  • To begin to interpret their communication from sound, movement and alarm
  • Skills you can apply in your backyard, on a hike or sitting quietly observing


Book Orders:


Learn the 5 Voices of Bird Language


These compliment John Young's Book What the Robbin Knows

Your Smart Phone Knows that Bird


Download the FREE Merlin Bird ID app to easily identify many birds 

Best Binoculars for Birds, Bugs and Blooms


This pair goes from Binoculars to Microscope with a spin of a dial


Festival Details

Join the Free Fall Kick-Off Festival for cultivating our Connections to Birds!

As part of a the international celebration of 2018, the Year in of  the Bird, Santa Cruz will have a month of activities and events  connecting humans to birds. The MAH will host three days of celbration,  art, inspiration and support for birds of downtown and beyond. (Museum of Art and HIstory, 705 Front Street)

See the scheduled month of events listed at

Other Bird Events this Month include
•Bird Language Class and Pelican Photo Show at India Joze Restaurant
Monterey Bay Bird Festival with talks, walks and family fun!

Weekend Activities at the MAH (Sept. 14-16)

MAKE  Masks and join a mini-migration (Friday 9/14 from 5-8pm)
MOVE and listen to bird language along the San Lorenzo  River (Saturday 9/15 from 10am-Noon)

PLAY with images and art materials, all about Birds who live in  Downtown Santa Cruz and Beyond! (Sunday 9/16, from 11am-2pm)

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Our Partners


Birds and Brews Class and Conversation

Share a Brew or Coffee too, and a Bird Story

A little Bird told Me...But What was it Saying?
Bring your questions, stories and curiosity about Birds to this regular class and conversation to connect with nature and other people like you.
Santa Cruz Class fee also includes first organic beer, local chai, coffee, wine or artisanal fizzy drink for free!

About the Class

"Your bird language class made a lot of people happy and helped all of us to appreciate the birds so much more!"

—Debbie Diersch, Development Director, Watsonville Wetlands Watch

Register for Birds & Brews Class